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Jewellery Care



Keep your jewellery collection in the best condition with our five top tips. From super stylish travel cases to polishing cloths that help prevent tarnishing, we’ve thought of every way to ensure that your favourite pieces last a long time. Our experts know their stuff when it comes to jewellery care and provide simple ways to keep your designs safe, clean and well looked after. 


Store in a Jewellery Case 


With so many beautiful options to choose from, there is no reason to leave your jewellery at home. Take your most loved rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with you as you leave normality for a week or two. Safely packed in your travel case you can board the plane or train with confidence that your jewellery designs will not become damaged in your suitcase. 


Organise in a Jewellery Box


Our jewellery boxes are just as good! Never looking out of place on your chest of drawers or bedside cabinet, there’s no better place to keep your designs. With special compartments for each style, you’ll be able to fit every piece you own arranged beautifully in your favourite storage box. A much better place than left out at risk. 




Remove When Exposed to Water or Harmful Chemicals


There are certain times where wearing jewellery is not a good idea. In the shower, cleaning the bathroom/kitchen, going swimming or doing the washing up is a great time to remove your designs. A lot of water and exposure to chemicals can damage jewellery leaving it not looking its best. 


Buy Cleaning Cloths


However, cleaning your jewellery is a good idea. Make sure that you regularly clean all of your pieces so that they maintain that sparkle or shine every day of the year. We offer cleaning cloths for gold and sterling silver jewellery that do an excellent job. When cleaning Baltic Amber, simply take a soft, damp cloth (use warm water rather than hot) and lightly wash your piece of jewellery. Make sure that you immediately dry the design using a different cloth. 


Seek Professional Advice 


We recommend getting a professional to take a look at your jewellery collection approximately once a year to keep it in tip top condition. They can thoroughly clean each piece as well as help with any repairs that need to be carried out. We offer a variety of services that ensure that your jewellery looks as good as the day you bought it. Our collections are made to last a lifetime but with everyday wear they may need a little help to keep it looking good. 


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