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Amber Workshop



Based in the beautiful, picturesque countryside of Ashbourne, Derbyshire, we design and craft striking Amber jewellery. Inspired by our stunning surroundings, we create pieces influenced by nature as well as events that take place in our hometown. We also produce contemporary designs alongside timeless classics to appeal to a wide audience. 

Discover more about our approach to jewellery making as well as our impressive in-house workshops filled with the latest technology and talented jewellery specialists. 


Handcrafted In-House


Highly skilled, our jewellery specialists are experts when it comes to working with Amber. Our workshops are based in-house with each piece handcrafted with precision and accuracy to meet our exceptional high standards. We love being able to bring to life every single design from our workshops on site, controlling every aspect and ensuring our team know exactly what they are doing. 

It’s British manufacturing at its finest. We take pride in the fact that all our jewellery is made right here in the North of England keeping the UK manufacturing industry alive. No matter how complex or simple the design, it’s comforting to know that the utmost attention to detail and care goes into every product we make. 




Over Forty Years of Experience 


With over four decades on the bench, our workshop team certainly know what they are doing. With the help of the latest modern machinery and tools, our specialists can create incredible pieces of jewellery. Although we have wonderful pieces of equipment such as laser welders, computer controlled milling machines and computer aided design programs, we also rely on our workshop team to use their traditional bench skills and basic tools when we feel it is appropriate to do so. 

These techniques require years of experience, artistic skill and steady hands to reach our high standards. We’re proud to continue the legacy of these traditional techniques, as many UK manufacturing workshops do not. Our modern cutting, grinding and polishing wheels that allow for different speeds make the cutting and shaping of Amber much quicker than it used to be. It’s incredible that we can utilise historic methods as well as contemporary equipment and ideas too. 

We are committed to the training and development of our manufacturing team ensuring that our workshop is continually growing. Inspiring new trainees that are hoping to enter the industry is at the heart of what we do ensuring that UK jewellery manufacturing continues to evolve. 




The Design Process


Our design team are passionate about showcasing all the best bits of Amber. No two stones are the same, with inclusions varying from piece to piece as well as the hue. We mostly work with the fiery orange variety yet the colour can be quite intense or more of a warm glow. Therefore, it’s an exciting gem to work with as every piece is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Whether they are designing an intricate piece or a more classic style, each designer really considers every detail to ensure the collection is as intricate as possible. Pairing different gems such as Whitby Jet or Amethyst showcases our extensive knowledge as well as our love for trying new concepts and ideas that stand out in the industry. 


Health and Safety


Looking after our team is highly important to us therefore, every member understands how to use every tool and piece of machinery correctly. All staff in our workshop are trained to ensure that they are experts in their role. From being knowledgeable on the latest technology to appreciating our high quality and level of craftsmanship, our talented workshop team are not only perfectionists but work carefully in everything that they do. 


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